Imagining a Just Christmas

What if you celebrated Christmas differently this year? Have you ever felt that perhaps Christmas could look a bit different? What if we re-thought how we give gifts and to whom we give them to? What if instead of buying more, we bought better – more sustainably, from local or black owned businesses? What would it look like to care for God’s creation this Christmas time?

What if we rethought our feasting, and who we feast with? What if we rethought our family and who we might include in that definition? What if we rethought our acts of charity to include acts of justice? What if instead of only sending our money or gifts to the poor and the lonely, we opened our tables? What if instead of all the time you spent shopping you broke bread or ate a meal with someone radically different to you? What if we really did not need more stuff but more simplicity? What if we had space for both laughter and lament this Christmas? What would it mean to celebrate the arrival of Jesus put the king who came not in fanfare or feasting, in palaces or popularity but in shame and servanthood, in poverty and in persecution. What could it look like to honour the arrival of that king this Christmas?

Isiphambano are offering a new interactive and very practical workshop for churches, small groups or even just a group of friends, to explore what it might look like to celebrate a more just Christmas this year. Contact to discuss what this could look like for your church or small group. We can also offer this material in the form of a sermon or youth group talk.