Unpacking White Privilege:

This 3 hour (or half day) interactive seminar will exploring the nature and impact of white privilege on South African society and church. What is white privilege? What impact does this have on churches? Why must black people always play “the race card”? Why can we not just “get over” the past and move forward? This seminar will seek, through the use of participative scenarios and reflective exercises, to help us consider a Christian understanding of and response to white privilege in the contemporary South African context.

Cross Centred Justice:

A two-hour seminar exploring the biblical basis for cross-centred justice. This workshop will deal with questions such as: What is the mission of the church? What is the relationship between evangelism and social involvement? How is cross-centred justice different from any other justice movement?

The Cost of Reconciliation:

This seminar, based on the book of Philemon, consists of two sessions (with an optional third for questions) reflecting on the cost of reconciliation, for both white and black, in South Africa today. This seminar will examine how the Gospel, centred on the reconciling work of Jesus, has real-life implications for the Church in South Africa today.

A History of Inequality:

This seminar explores the complex and inconsistent history of the church in South Africa. On the one hand, the church’s legacy has been silent acquiescence or the legitimizing of racial division and economic inequality, and on the other hand the gospel has provided the seeds of liberation and equality. Division and exclusion, has equally permeated and shaped the church’s own structures and dealings with one another. How we understand the past is crucial to our role and legacy as the church in contemporary post-apartheid South Africa.

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