Experiential Learning

Isiphambano recognises that for transformative learning to occur we need to both hear and experience truth in action. We therefore offer experiential learning opportunities which enable participants to experience, reflect on, and discuss what we see or hear through the framework of a cross centred, contextual theology. These experiential learning events would include aspects such as site visits, story-telling, creative arts and theological reflection.

Forced Removals:

An experiential learning event in which participants will visit the District Six museum, hear the family-stories of those affected by forced removals, visit both removal and relocation areas. Participants will be invited to reflect on their experiences through Scripture readings, communal lament, guided reflection and song. This experience has an option to finish with a shared meal and communion.

The Story of the Church:

An experiential learning event which comprises of a walking tour throughout the CBD of Cape Town, visiting sites of injustice and oppression as well as places of historic events in the struggle for liberation and equality. Special attention will be paid to the role of the church in these events. There will be both commentary, as well as time for reflection, Scripture reading and communal lament. This experience has an option to finish with a shared meal and communion.

Story Telling Across the Railway Lines:

One of key pillars of the apartheid era was the building of roads, railway lines and an education system designed to keep us apart from one another. To keep us ignorant of how different our stories and lived experiences were. Many of those spatial and cultural divisions remain firmly entrenched today. This event is designed to help us, through story-telling, a shared meal and creative reflection begin to hear one another and find one another again as people made in the image of God.

For more information on experiential learning or to book one of these experiences contact us via email at admin@isiphambano.com