In this talk David Cloete presents a biblical understanding of race, racism and racialization, with reference to historical and sociological realities. Critiquing the concept of being colour-blind. This talk makes a biblical case for the necessity of seeing race in order to see poverty, injustice and oppression. And speaks to the of why must black people “always playing the race card”.
In this episode David Cloete and John Scheepers tackle the question: Why must it always be about race? Dealing with issues such as living in a racialized society, being colourblind and biblical diversity they explore what the Bible has to say about questions such as What is wrong with seeing race? Why do black people always play the race card? and Isn't there really only one race, the human race?
Unless you’re hiding under a rock you’ve probably seen some sort of media coverage of the racial tensions and violence at the University of Pretoria and the University of the Free State. You’ve seen scenes of hatred, frustration, aggression, and deliberate racial violence. You’ve probably also seen a lot of polarising commentary. The poles feel...