In Justice and Theology presentation, David Cloete raises questions about the conditions within which the Prosperity Gospel has grown and thrived in the Townships and Cape Flats areas of Cape Town. Because no theological movement grows in a vacuum we must not only critique the Prosperity Gospel, but equally we must question what role our own theological failures or inadequacies may have played in nurturing the fertile soil in which these teachings have thrived. Have we reacted to the over-realized eschatology of the Prosperity Gospel by promoting an under-realized eschatological gospel which has little or nothing to say to the lived experiences of the poor and marginalized?


David Cloete, a recent graduate of George Whitefield College, grew up between Springbok in the Northern Cape and Elsies River on the Cape Flats. David currently works at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology as a student worker with the Student YMCA as well as serving as the youth pastor at Metropolitan Evangelistic Church in Lavender Hill.