The history of the church in South Africa is both complex and inconsistent. On the one hand silent acquiescence or worse entrenching and legitimizing racial division and economic inequality, and on the other hand providing the seeds of liberation and equality. Division and exclusion has not just been “out there” in society but has permeated and shaped our own structures and dealings with one another. What role then, if any, does the church play in overcoming injustice and inequality in South Africa today? This Justice and Theology seminar explored issues of reconciliation both within the churches own structures as well as the church’s role in the wider society.


Dr. Siegried Ngubane, the Director of SIM South Africa. Previously Dr Ngubane has been a lecturer in African Church Planting and Leadership Studies at George Whitefield College and the founding pastor of Khayelitsha Community Church. He holds a Doctorate in Missiology from the University of the Free State.