There is a popular line of thought in some Christian circles that goes something like this: “We don’t get involved in ‘politics’ or issues of racial controversy, we just teach the Bible”. But is the idea of an a-contextual faith possible or even desirable? In this talk, given at TGIF, Cape Town, John Scheepers questions whether the concept of an a-contextual faith is itself even possible or more significantly desirable. Faith and theology are profoundly affected by context, the only question is which context.

This talk briefly explores the ways in which context affects how we read our Bible and formulate our theology. Calling us to reject the “single story narrative” of colonial theology and, without abandoning a belief in objective truth, recognize that all theology is contextual theology. Finally, John’s bold assertion is that decolonisation is not something to be feared but rather a gift to be embraced as it teaches us how much we need each other, deepens our understanding of Scripture and affirms that our lives and contexts now really matter to God.