What if the gospel was so much bigger, richer, and more beautiful than you realised? What if the gospel was not only about heaven one day but also the inbreaking Kingdom of God today? What if the gospel was not only about forgiveness for sinners but liberation from oppression too? What if both of these were happening simultaneously on the cross? Join us for this seminar as we explore the concepts of the holistic gospel and integral mission. A gospel that both redeems you from the power and the curse of sin and sends you into the world empowered to dismantle injustice, fight racism, pursue holiness, produce beauty and share the good news

from our seminar The Holistic Gospel where Godfrey Harold, Principal of Cape Town Baptist Seminary, was in conversation with John Scheepers, director of the Isiphambano Centre for Biblical Justice.

Professor Godfrey Harold is a pastor-theologian with 30 years of pastoral ministry experience within the Evangelical Church of South Africa, Baptist Association of South Africa, and for the past 13 years serves the Baptist Union of Southern Africa. Godfrey holds a Diploma and Adv. Diploma in Theology from Durban Bible College and multiple degrees from the University of Zululand: BTh (Hons.) (Biblical Studies) and MTh (New Testament) and B.A.(Hons. Communication Science). In 2006 he completed his Th. D (N.T. Studies) and Master of Religious Education degrees at Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology (India) and in 2013, earned his second Ph.D. in Systematic Theology from the University of Western Cape, focusing on An Evangelical Response to God and Suffering: A Critical Assessment of Gregory Boyd’s Open Theism. Amongst other writings, in 2017 he published a book entitled: The Apostolic and Prophetic Reformation: A Critical Study. He is presently undertaking his third Ph.D. in Practical Theology at UNISA focusing on Compassionate Acts and the Missio Dei.