Part 3 our series “Not all Viruses are Equal” reflecting on the impact which COVID-19 could have on communities which are already suffering under the impact of long term structural inequality and the legacy of spatial apartheid. As well as reflecting on the role which the church could play, both during the present crisis, as well in the longer term crisis of the prevailing legacy of structural inequality around issues such as housing, sanitation and spatial apartheid.

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In this episode David and John are joined by Pastor Peter Makapela from Christ Church Strand, in Nomzamo as a pastor speaks about the impact of COVID-19 on his particular community. We discuss the reality of lockdown on communities already in crisis.

How do you self-isolate in already crowded housing? How do you santize without water or adequate sanitation? How do you self-isolate without food? How do you practice social distancing when community is essential for survival? We discuss the close connection of COVID-19 to the issue of the landless black majority and how this crisis highlights once again the need for a more equitable distribution of land in South Africa.

If you wish to assist Christ Church Strand in caring for their community via food, water, sanitation and other essential needs you can contact Pastor Peter Makapela via email –

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