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Part Two our series “Not all Viruses are Equal” reflecting on the impact which COVID-19 could have on communities which are already suffering under the impact of long term structural inequality and the legacy of spatial apartheid. As well as reflecting on the role which the church could play, both during the present crisis, as well in the longer term crisis of the prevailing legacy of structural inequality around issues such as housing, sanitation and spatial apartheid.

If you missed Part One listen here

In this episode David and John are joined by Dr Vaughan Stannard from Beautiful Gate, an organisation working to protect children and empower and strengthen families in the Lower Crossroads and Philippi area.

In this episode we discuss the impact which COVID-19 could have politically, socially and economically on already marginalized communities still dealing with the legacy of apartheid. In particular we discuss the growth in inequality which COVID-19 will have on education, employment, economics and food security in already vulnerable and marginalised communities.

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