After 46 episodes Julle Mense is getting a reboot. Big changes are happening. Listen in to find out more!

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1. Check out Hope City East

2. Isiphambano Experiential Learning including Story of the Church Pilgrimage and Story Telling Across the Line Events


It is with somewhat mixed feelings that we announce that David Cloete will be stepping down from his role both as Assistant Director and as the Host of the Julle Mense podcast. David has recently taken up a new position on the church planting team at Hope City East, which, together with a young family, has meant a need to reassess the time and capacity which he has to devote to his various projects.

But wait before you go thinking any crazy thoughts. David is going nowhere; he remains passionately committed to the work of Isiphambano and will remain an integral part of our team. Going ahead David will be getting more actively involved in and looking to further develop and expand the experiential learning aspect of our ministry which includes our Story of the Church Pilgrimages and our Story Telling Across the Railway Lines events.

Listen to the podcast to hear us break this down a bit more. (Spoiler alert: new podcast host announced and introduced as well!)

After 47 episodes, David will be signing out for the last time. Let’s not let him leave empty-handed family – send him some love, encouragement, and memories in the comments. David was a day one guy for Isiphambano – catching the vision and getting to work before most. His friendship, incisive mind, love for justice, and passion for the gospel will be deeply missed on Julle Mense.