How do we remember those who had a significant impact on the history of our country whilst not necessarily celebrating them? Is it right to simply erase and rename those once celebrated for deeds now condemned? And what do we do with the complexity which history repeatedly throws up wherein our heroes are simultaneously our villains? What do we do when those heroes are also Christians?

In this episode, part two of a two-part mini-series, we discuss, as a type of case study, the current controversy around the name of George Whitefield College (our alma mater), in Cape Town and the calls to rename the college. We explore who George Whitefield. We examine the legacy of George Whitefield, as both slave owner and evangelist. And explore why some are now calling for his name to be removed from the college. Is it possible to practice a form of benevolent slavery, which also brings the gospel to unreached peoples? Are we in danger of imposing moderns standards on previous generations instead of recognizing them simply as men of their time? How will history judge us and our gospel witness?

Audio produced by Exilic Music