The so-called Coloured community is a community of people who are uniquely affected by South Africa’s racial history. Our story is one with a rich cultural and political heritage firmly rooted in the drama of the larger South African narrative. And yet, this rich story is often overlooked in our national discourse. It’s a story with many complex intersections and points of departure between the oppressed. One with noble longings for freedom, partially fulfilled aspirations, and less noble but equally complex realities of assimilation and colourism. Its a story of activism and simultaneous contradictions that legitimise hegemony. A story about heroic women who all too frequently carry the burdens of our social and cultural ills. What tools does our theology offer in making sense of these conversations? And what role the church has played as both a site of struggle and a place of liberation in the coloured conversation? This is the Coloured Conversation.

A conversation that will deal exclusively with issues affecting the so-called Coloured community but one that’s open to all. Please do join us as we explore the many aspects of this complex story which has great significance for the future of South Africa.

Format: This panel discussion will stream on Facebook Live.

Panelists: Prof. Nadine Bowers, Stellenbosch University (Practical Theology- Community Development); Mandy Sanger, Head of Education at the District Six Museum in Cape Town; David Cloete, Assistant Director Isiphambano Centre for Biblical Justice and Ryan Saville (Content Development, Isiphambano Centre for Biblical Justice).

Date and Time: Monday 24 August @ 8 pm

Platform: Facebook Live (follow Isiphambano Centre for Biblical Justice on Facebook to access this conversation)

Cost: Free