Too often we have portrayed the good news of Christmas in ways that only dimly reflect that first Christmas story. The sanitised and spiritualised Christmas story we portray is often rather foreign to the cast of that first Christmas story – the unwed teenage mother, shamed and shunned by her family, the conflicted righteous carpenter betrayed by his fiance, the disreputable outsiders with a reputation for violence and theft, the pagan astrologers the brutal power-hungry despot, the fearsome heavenly host and the child-king born in poverty at the centre of it all. That first Christmas story was anything but good news to the powerful, well-fed, and respectable. It was the shout of liberation for the oppressed, comfort for the mourning, and inclusion for the shamed and outcast.

Join us for part one of Re-telling the Christmas Story as we take another look at that first Christmas story of the in-breaking kingdom of justice, shalom, and hope.

When: Monday 8 November

Date: 19:30 – 21:00

Cost: R50

Please Note: Free tickets available on request for those who need them – contact

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