“As Christians, we are called to be responsible, compassionate, law-abiding citizens who speak out against all forms of evil, including injustices in the world. Isiphambano, a Christ-centred, contextual, evangelical ministry has shown already that it is of great value to the Church in South Africa on issues of social justice, as they do research and make representation, helping the Church think and work through these matters.”

Rev. Dr Siegfried Ngubane,
National Director, SIM South Africa

“I strongly endorse the amazing work of Isiphambano as they encourage people from different cultures to wrestle with issues of racism and justice. Their work reminds us that the God we serve is just and will not look away at injustice. Isiphambano enables participants to engage with scripture and cultivate deep discussions that build community. Isiphambano brings pastoral care experience in this delicate discussions with sensitivity and love. It helps break down cultural differences and empowers participants to have a deep sense of hope and commitment to build bridges across communities.”

Tony Nzanza
Field Development Director, Scripture Union International

“I’ve been blessed by the work of Isiphambano in three specific areas: (1) The Cohort has introduced me to work of remarkable, Southern Hemisphere-based evangelical leaders and the prescribed readings are engaging and challenging and help to sharpen my theological perspectives on justice. (2) The Podcasts engage Biblical, theological, contextual issues and current affairs in an accessible way, making weighty matters simple to process, and inspiring ongoing conversation within a Biblical framework. (3) The founder: I admire the faith, courage and humility of John Scheepers, a white, male, South African, who is willing to start conversations about the hardest social realities in this country, issues that many other white Christians have chosen to overlook or remain silent on.”

Jeremy Koeries,
International Lead Team and South Africa Country Leader, J-Life Africa

“The Isiphambano Centre for Biblical Justice is providing a much-needed voice in the justice arena. Through the Study Cohort, I have learned essential paradigms and frameworks that equip me to be faithful to God’s text and the context of South Africa. Through the cohort, a diverse group of South Africans have been grappling and discussing rich theology. This cohort creates an environment that makes this a heart journey, shaped by the Word. I recommend this cohort to anyone who wants to ensure that the cross is at the centre of their passion and practice of justice.”

Richard Lundie, Common Good Congregational Support Team Leader

“It is with pleasure and enthusiasm that I endorse the vision for Isiphambano Centre for Biblical Justice. I believe Isiphambano are going to make a tangible contribution to stimulating the evangelical response to injustice in South Africa based upon a sound biblical theology. I am particularly encouraged by their commitment to engaging in theological dialogue within the South African context that will not simply be a “talk-shop” but result in practical and effective evangelism. I believe their approach will provide a strong foundation for kingdom-oriented mission that brings in the fullness and beauty of the Gospel.”

Dr Tim Tucker, CEO The Message Trust.

“The Church in South Africa desperately needs tools to help in working out a Biblical and practical response to the deep divisions in our country caused by apartheid. Isiphambano provides a number of seminars and discussions which help churches to do this. I would encourage Church leaders to consider using Isiphambano as a valuable resource.”

Bishop Alan Noble, REACH SA

“Questions that South Africans are asking are being answered through sound biblical exegesis, eyes are being pointed to Christ and his cross, relationships are being restored, repentance and forgiveness is being proclaimed, unjust systems are being identified and a new generation are praying our Lord’s prayer because of the work of Isiphambano. I couldn’t endorse Isiphambano more highly.”

Ryan Saville, Lead Pastor Godfirst, Fourways

“The Isiphambano Cohort is a phenomenal space to grapple and grow Theologically with the issue of Justice. The yearlong cohort has helped me fill in some of the blinds spots I have around this critical issue in our time, and it has also informed the way I do theology. I would encourage anyone seeking to grapple and develop a contextual ministry philosophy to be a part of this.”

Grant Porthen

“Isiphambano aims to bring the gospel and matters of social justice together. They are prepared to step into this contentious space and stick with the difficult conversations so that Jesus and the Bible are bought to bear on the complicated issues of transformation, restitution, and equal access within our society. This organisation is unique in the South African context and is helping Christians and churches to develop cross-centered contextual understanding and practice of justice.”

Rev. Grant Peers,
Western Cape Regional Director, Scripture Union, South Africa

“It is with real delight that I commend the Isiphambano Study Cohort, which I had the opportunity to partake in this year. I have so appreciated being exposed to outstanding scholarship regarding the history and mission of the church and learning about perspectives of significant evangelical leaders in the ‘two thirds’ world. What was even more valuable was engaging with this material in a diverse group of men and women from different churches across the city. These monthly learning moments were facilitated with skill and grace and the opportunity to reflect on what my theology and practice is in relation to the biblical call for cross-centered and contextual justice has been invaluable.”

Leigh Burg, Jubilee Community Church

“We had the privilege of hosting Isiphambano for a three-day event at our church in Hermanus and the effect was three-fold. Most valuable to our little diversifying congregation were the stories that our fellow church members were able to share because of the freedom offered by the content. In the area of Biblical Justice where most biblically faithful churches are decidedly grey, “A History of Inequality” was eye opening to what we miss as churches and church leaders. Lastly, the Centre was able to unite a handful of churches in working toward a more faithful outworking of our faith in our which is at odds with itself.”

Ps. Wade McComas, Mountain View Church, Hermanus

“The gospel is great news, in which our relationship with God and others is restored through Jesus Christ. In this we become a new family, across race/ethnicity, social class, nationalities. We love and care for one another, and extend this love to those around us, recognizing they are also made in the image of God. We love mercy, live justly and walk humbly with our God.

At times, in our pursuit of this we sometimes forget about the base, the foundation of it all, that is Christ (and this, to our detriment). Isiphambano aims to ensure that we never neglect the call to truly love one another, to love mercy and live justly, yet at the same time ensures that this is rooted in the foundation of it all, that is Christ. It’s cross-centered approach to the issues of justice/social engagement is so valuable, ensuring that we remain linked to the source, as we seek to truly love those around us. Definitely worth partnering with!”

Chido Warambwa,  Jesus-Justice-Us