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Contributor’s Guidelines:

It is our conviction that Isiphambano cannot just belong to one or two particular voices but rather must be a diverse group of thinkers, writers, teachers, poets and theologians collectively exploring the theology and the implications of cross-centred justice from different contextual standpoints and with a multitude of lens. In so doing we will move towards both greater biblical fidelity and greater contextual relevance.

Anyone is welcome to submit for consideration a paper, blog post, book or movie review, poem, spoken word, video clip or talk relevant to some aspect of cross-shaped and contextual justice in the South African context. Submitting a contribution though does not guarantee that we will publish it on our website. Isiphambano has a certain theological position, as well as a particular tone and flavour which we seek to preserve in all our work and writings.

These criteria include:

Cross Centred: 

At the heart of the Christian faith is the cross of Christ. It is the cross which uniquely provides us with both a distinctive Christian understanding of justice and reconciliation as well as a model of what Christian justice looks like in action.

The cross is God’s definitive answer to all the brokenness, sin and injustice in the world. While it is crucial that we highlight issues of personal, communal and systemic injustice we believe that a solely deconstructive approach is insufficient both practically and theologically. The distinctively Christian contribution to the work of justice is cross-centred.

Uniquely Christian:

There are many helpful resources out there not written from a Christian perspective, and it is not our aim to replicate those resources but rather to provide a uniquely Christian perspective on issues of justice and mercy.


Isiphambano has intentionally positioned itself within the South African context. While there is no doubt much we can learn from theological and practical reflections arising from other contexts Isiphambano will concern itself, primarily, with contributions which attempt to speak the particular context and concerns of South Africa.


Isiphambano affirms both The Lausanne Covenant and The Grand Rapids Report on Evangelism and Social Responsibility as providing the fundamental framework within which we position ourselves theologically and missiologically. While we affirm the value of listening to voices from a variety of theological positions, all of us work and live from within a particular framework and context. The aim of Isiphambano therefore is to intentionally reflect on issues of justice and mercy from within an evangelical framework.


Isiphambano wishes to set a high standard not only for theological or contextual thought but also for the craft of writing and creating. We encourage all of our contributors to obey the basic rules of writing, speaking and grammar. We are looking for well-written, inspiring, thought-provoking, hard-hitting and passionate contributions which are as beautiful for their art as for their theology.

Writer’s Guidelines

SUBMIT: Send any submissions via email to

AUDIO OR VIDEO: Please send a Dropbox link for any audio or video submissions to

LENGTH: 1000 written words or less for a blog post. If it is too long we may edit or create multiple posts.

BIO: Please include a short, informative description about yourself and a suitable picture. Please also include a Twitter handle if relevant.

LINKS: Please don’t hyperlink text yourself, rather provide the URL after the text, where you would like the text link to be and we will do it.

SUBHEADINGS: please specify your preferred subheadings by making them bold

EDITING: Editing: All posts are edited and checked for correct grammar, spelling and content flow. If we make any major changes we will notify you.

FEEDBACK: While Isiphambano will aim to offer feedback, where possible, on your contribution we cannot guarantee this. Not all contributions submitted will be published but all submissions will be considered.

FORMAT: Please submit all articles in word document format (.doc, .docx)

REMUNERATION: Unfortunately, at this time, Isiphambano is not able to offer any financial remuneration. Any pieces submitted are done on a purely voluntary basis, committed to the work and the vision of Isiphambano.