Isn’t all this talk about social justice and reforming society simply just the social gospel all over again? The threat of the social gospel has among evangelicals often been used as a dismissive tactic to equate any talk of social justice with a lack of gospel fidelity. What is the social gospel? What is the Great Reversal? Can the Kingdom of God exist outside of the Church? Isn't pursuing social…
In this episode we discuss Gentrification with Tristan Pringle from Level Ground. Dealing with questions such as What is Gentrification? Isn't Urban Renewal a Good Thing? Who is included and excluded? What role should the market play in determining value and morality? What role does the gospel play in shaping our response to issues of gentrification? And what role should the church play in assisting communities affected by gentrification?
In this episode David Cloete and John Scheepers tackle the question: Why must it always be about race? Dealing with issues such as living in a racialized society, being colourblind and biblical diversity they explore what the Bible has to say about questions such as What is wrong with seeing race? Why do black people always play the race card? and Isn't there really only one race, the human race?