The last few years have been brutal for most, if not all of us. NGOs, churches, and other not-for-profit organisations have been particularly hard hit in terms of financial income, volunteer fatigue, and uncertainty about the future. Isiphambano is no different. Our staff and volunteers have worked incredibly hard over the past few years to keep the doors open and to keep us engaging on issues of cross-centred and contextual justice. Through the grace of God, Isiphambano has been able to have a significant impact on many individuals, and church communities throughout South Africa (and sometimes even further afield).

However, this effort has taken a toll, many of those involved with Isiphambano are worn out, fatigued, and even suffering from burnout. Consequently, Isiphambano will be taking the next 6 months to rest, reset, refresh, and heal. Our director will also be taking a sabbatical during this time (more details available here). We will be using this time to pray, to rest, and to reimagine the shape and the form which Isiphambano will need to take in this new financial and social environment. It is our hope that out of this time a deeper, richer, and more sustainable model for the work to which we remain committed will emerge.