David Cloete

In this talk David Cloete presents a biblical understanding of race, racism and racialization, with reference to historical and sociological realities. Critiquing the concept of being colour-blind. This talk makes a biblical case for the necessity of seeing race in order to see poverty, injustice and oppression. And speaks to the of why must black people “always playing the race card”.
In this episode David and John discuss Jesus’ somewhat controversial statement that “The Poor you will Always Have with you, but you will not always have me.” (John 12:8; Matthew 26:11; Mark 14:7. This passage or this saying of Jesus has often been used to justify the non-involvement of the church with social justice or poverty alleviation or to make proclamation or preaching the priority of the church, effectively this…
Just Preach the Gospel? If the current socio-political climate of our country is anything to go by, our Christian answers to these issues might prove to be a little bit more complex. Not to mention our colonial and Apartheid past which has proven that unless our preaching is more intentional, following the example set by Christ in the Sermon on the Mount, preaching ‘the gospel’ is simply not enough.